Alexander Lowen

Fear of Life

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Fear of Life is an in-depth study of the human condition within modern
culture. Alexander Lowen challenges conventional thinking and contends that
neurotic behavior stems from a fear of life, and represents the individual’s
unconscious effort to overcome that fear. But one cannot do so. One can only
suppress or deny it, at the cost of spontaneity and being at ease.
Lowen explains that being a person requires that one stop their frantic doing,
and take time out to breathe and to feel. If one has the courage to accept and feel the pain and hurt, despair and sadness, and inner emptiness or anxiety
in one’s life, one can heal trauma and gain pleasure, fulfillment, and joy….the
object of Bioenergetic Analysis.
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    Melody Mercuriadishas quoted2 years ago
    me aware of the tension in his throat and chest and of how difficult it was for him to breathe deeply. I was
    Wilfred Paulhas quoted3 years ago
    There are, then, two ways in which we program our fate. First, by our attitude and behavior, that is, by our character, we invite certain responses from others. If, out of fear of rejection, we are aloof and withdrawn, we should not be surprised if people keep their distance
    Nastya Selchukhas quoted7 months ago
    This is a common problem. Many women turn to men seeking an acceptance of their sexuality, which would include an affirmation of their being. If they get it, they feel good for the moment; but they are dependent on the man and vulnerable to feeling destroyed by his rejection, as Jane was.

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