Meagan Francis

The Happiest Mom

Full of honesty, humor, and practical insight, this is the essential guide for mothers who want to make parenting more joyful: “Every mom needs this book” (Jenna McCarthy, author of The Parent Trap).
From the experts at Parenting magazine and popular mommy blogger Meagan Francis, The Happiest Mom combines the latest happiness research with the insight and experience of a mother of five. Francis demonstrates that motherhood doesn’t have to be an obstacle to joy. Drawing on recent happiness research, conversations with hundreds of other moms, and her own experience as a mother, Francis shares her ten secrets to happy motherhood in this down-to-earth, funny, and accessible book.
“I found myself underlining passages and laughing out loud in recognition. This thoughtful, hilarious look at motherhood is a terrific resource for anyone who wants to be the happiest mother she can be.” —Gretchen Rubin, author of The New York Times bestseller The Happiness Project
“Reading this book is like chatting with your girlfriend and getting all the support, advice, and laughs you need.” —Brett Paesal, author of Mommies Who Drink
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    One very good reason for you to focus on your own happiness is actually for your kids’ sake. Honest.
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    Yes, you’re going to make mistakes, but the only unforgivable one is failing to forgive yourself for them.
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    On the other hand, making motherhood out to be one long, sleepless self-sacrifice ritual gets, well, tired after a while.
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