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Quicklet on 60 Minutes: President Obama, Part 1

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The recent 60 Minutes interview with President Barack Obama impressed upon me the importance of looking at politics from all angles. In this current election year, many tend to think it’s necessary to choose a side and despise everything that comes from the other side. Even members of Congress take this attitude. In reality, however, both sides in the political arena have the capability of creating legislation that makes sense. Taking the best of both worlds is the best approach.

The most important action we can take to improve the current economic situation is to listen and be objective. In his interview, President Obama said, “It is my vision for this country to put forth an economic package that will benefit the majority of Americans.” Whether or not you agree with his approach, his ideas deserve consideration and respect.


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Kroft interview with Obama is called “President Obama: The economy, the congress, the future,” an apt title for this important pre-election discussion. Kroft begins by asking the President what he thinks of new polls that state that 75 percent of Americans think he is not doing a good job. Obama replies by saying he would be surprised if Americans felt satisfied, since there is a lot more work to be done. He explains that he is working toward an economy that benefits everyone, not just a few. This initial back and forth sets the tone for the interview, which takes place in Osawatomie, Kansas.

Next, Kroft switches to the subject of Congress and getting work done. In spite of it being an election year, the President contends he is still working. He wants to work with both parties in Congress, but will not wait when there is an opportunity to exercise his executive authority to get things done. Speaking on his vision for the future, President Obama says he wants to create policies that benefits the majority of Americans. He is even willing to go against some of the ideology his own party has promoted in the past to accomplish this.

Kroft concludes the interview by asking the President why he should be re-elected. Obama gives a convincing argument that includes his accomplishments on health care reform, saving the auto industry, ending Don't Ask Don't Tell, decimating Al Qaeda, and getting the economy on the road to recovery.Let’s take a closer look at Obama’s in-depth discussion of the choices that have gotten him this far and his plans for a second term.

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