Quotes from “Believe in Yourself” by Joseph Murphy

constantly imagine the reality of your desire.
Through disciplined, directed, and controlled imagination, you can dominate and master your emotions and mental attitude in general.
Realize that you are master of your thought-world
Imagination is first and foremost; it can be scientifically directed.
your imagination and faith—the two wings of the bird
Life would become unbearable and unendurable if we did not experience change.
To imagine sickness and lack is to destroy your peace of mind, health, and happiness.
Problems are life’s way of asking you for an answer
We must hunger and thirst after new truth and new knowledge,
Here is the key to prayer: Be faithful to the end; full of faith every step of the way, and persisting to the end, knowing in your heart that the end is secure because you saw the end.
asked ourselves honestly, “Why do I believe that? Where did that opinion come from?” Perhaps many ideas, theories, beliefs, and opinions that we hold are completely erroneous, and were accepted by us as true without any investigation
Imagination, when disciplined, spiritualized, controlled, and directed, becomes the most exalted and noblest attribute of man.
Give all your mental attention to recognizing the absolute sovereignty of the Spiritual Power, knowing that the God-Power has the answer and is now showing you the way.
recognize God as the Great Musician; then meditate, feel, pray, and know that the Inner Music sings or plays through you the Song of God’s Love, and you will play like you have never played before.
Use your imagination and go about your Father’s business.
His habit was to imagine that he was writing beautiful poems that would stir the hearts of men.
of spiritual love. He said that when he got still, the words would come into his mind accompanied by a lovely scene
Long hours, hard labor, or burning the midnight oil will not produce a Milton, a Shakespeare, or a Beethoven. People accomplish great things through quiet moments, imagining that the invisible things from the foundation of time are clearly visible.
Men gifted with intuition and imagination find water in the desert, and they create cities where formerly other men only saw a desert and a wilderness.
Your Father’s business is to let your wisdom, skill, knowledge, and ability come forth; and bless others as well as yourself.
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