Sarah Shaw

Making The Best Of A Dysfunctional Relationship

Dysfunctional relationships occur all the time and it does take a bit of work to get things back on track. “Making The Best Of A Dysfunctional Relationship” is a book that can help people that are seeking a viable solution to their relationship woes and to find the most amicable solution to their problems. The author starts out by defining what a dysfunctional relationship is before going into the various solutions that can be used to fix the problem. Of course the situations that cannot be fixed are also highlighted. Having a healthy relationship is extremely difficult and takes a lot of commitment on the part of both persons. It also takes a lot of understanding and compromise. Lack of this, among other things can lead to a dysfunction in the relationship. By bearing these things in mind and having an open mind to receive constructive criticism, the relationship can be a healthy and long lasting one.
34 printed pages
Original publication
Owen Maskey


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