T.R. Hendrick

What If They Knew

The Constitution cannot be changed. Or can it? And we’re not talking about Amendments. T.R. Hendrick’s book What If They Knew, takes an entertaining, fictional history look at a few of our forefather’s thoughts on America today. This is no fireside chat of what they think America will turn out to be. What If They Knew creates a way for a select few of our nation’s builders to walk among us, learn our history, successes and failures, and understand the need to change the written words of our country’s highest law. Intuitively, time travel is only a tool used to allow for a few historical statesmen to see the political polarity within our nation’s Congress. While their time in their future allows them to witness the marvelous technological advancements, they also become emotionally distraught as they wonder if the words in the Constitution have truly created liberty, or if the Congresses following them have taken liberties to change their original intent. Appalled at the onset of governmental welfare, trillions in national debt, no respect for citizenship and the socialist values encroaching into the White House, they return to their own time in 1787 and take their education, and new experiences, with them. In their views, the republic they penned into existence has eroded. They must make a decision and answer the question, ‘What parts of the Constitution should be changed’? The book asks the readers to see the ‘writing on the wall’ in the political turmoil and clear polarity between parties. Will the reader take an inward view and realize their own divisive or self-destructive decisions which cause a dependency on the government? Will the readers join together in clarifying the words of Constitution to better reflect the intent of our forefathers and eliminate the citizens’ dependency on the government? What parts would you change? I believe a vast majority of citizens would agree that the four governing documents which created our republic are not the best they could be. The framers themselves weren’t sure they had done an adequate job. However, the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are what we have today. T.R. Hendrick’s question remains as the book title, What If They Knew.
390 printed pages
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