Gabriel M.A.Segal

Twelve Steps to Psychological Good Health and Serenity

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The twelve-step program has proved to be a fully effective treatment for alcoholism and other addictions. Segal shows how the program can bring relief from depression, anxiety and discontent in non-addicts too. As a first-rate philosopher and cognitive scientist, he offers an incisive science-based account of the psychological causes of restlessness, irritability and discontent and explains how the program works to overcome them. As a practitioner of the steps, he provides clear, easy-to-follow but thorough instructions for anyone, addict or not, wishing to do them. This book is must-reading for anyone seeking psychological good health and peace of mind.
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    Артем Малахивскийhas quoted2 years ago
    As you work on the steps, you will become less enslaved or distracted by your primitive, instinctive urges and their manifestations as desires for food and sex, money and power, recognition and praise
    Артем Малахивскийhas quoted2 years ago
    Humility allows you to make the best of what you have, and not suffer from the felt deprivation of not having more
    Артем Малахивскийhas quoted2 years ago
    Our leaders are but trusted servants”

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