The Tasks of Chronavon

When sensible 12-year-olds meet a mysterious angel called Chronavon in a church vestry, it seems that someone is playing a practical joke on them. After all, angels don’t just pop up in vestries and they certainly don’t enlist the help of two young humans to journey back in time and prevent a devilish time-traveller from altering the course of history.
Yet, it soon becomes clear that Chronavon’s incredible story is true.
Alfred and Alice are whisked backwards through centuries. On three separate adventures, they become immersed in the rich customs and costumes of the past, first to Henry III’s troubled reign, then to the pomp of Tudor England and the later, to the conflict between the Cavaliers and Roundheads.
The Tasks of Chronavon is an exciting, informative tale for young readers which effortlessly weaves fact and fiction with a sprinkling of humour, and shows how little human values have really changed over time.
292 printed pages
Original publication
Dr. Ray Filby



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