Seoras Wallace

Wolf and Wildcat

The vast Wolf and wildcat forest, covers' almost the entire two thousand square miles of the ancient Kingdom of Galloway. Regarded and feared by the English as a pagan place of evil demons and revenants, but for those men and women violently displaced by draconian English governance, it is a safe haven, a home to villains, outlaws and the notorious Brigand chief William Wallace.

As Edward Longshanks, the King of England, prepares for a war against Philip, the King of France, he calls on King John of Scotland to raise an army of Scots levies to join him. When Longshanks discovers King John has signed a military pact with both Philip of France and King Eric of Norway, he prepares to subdue Scotland by force.
Longshanks desperately requires Scotland's wealth resources, but his Barons will only join his expedition if England is attacked, to this end, Longshanks sends mercenaries into Scotland 's border marches on a mission of heinous massacre and tricking the Black Comyn into invading England to attack Carlisle castle, defended by Longshanks staunch ally, Robert Bruce, the earl of Carrick.

William Wallace, in receipt of second pardon granted by Sir Henry de Percy, is acting as a secret courier for Sir Andrew de Moray, Justiciar of Scotland. During a mission carrying vital information for those Scots whose name is on English death lists, Wallace is attacked by English soldiers in Ayr town and brutally tortured. When presumed dead, his body is thrown into the castle's waste moat. Everyone presumes Wallace is dead, except for True Tam, the Seer and mystic, who finds Wallace, then he helps nurse him back to health, but soon, even the sanctity of the great forest of Galloway is breached, and Wallace is forced to act.
325 printed pages
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