A Song of Pots, Seung Ae Kim
Seung Ae Kim

A Song of Pots

The seven stories by Ja Youn Kim in A Song of Pots contain their own unique lessons or precious messages about life, and the messages are helpful to small children. All the stories are like the sun shining in the blue sky and the stars sparkling in the dark night. The plots are based mainly on nature and human relationships. The book’s title story,"A Song of Pots" is about a cracked pot. It teaches us about value and that anyone can have hope. The cracked pot comes to realize that an empty pot might well be filled with something soon and is not different from other filled ones, when the exhausted wind wants to rest there. “Will you allow me to nestle in you? Please?” «Of course! Don’t just sit there—come on in!” The cracked pot opened his heart wide to the exhausted wind. “I am comfortable,” the wind said at last. «I’m glad I could help. I am really not a useful pot.” «That’s not true. You are not different from the other pots. What is inside you only makes you look different from them.” “Really?” “An empty pot may well be filled with something soon. You need to have hope.” On hearing this, the cracked pot choked up, unable to speak.
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