Samuel Adams

The Great American Fraud

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As the author states in the preface, this book is a part of a series of publications that “contain a full explanation and exposure of patent-medicine methods, and the harm is done to the public by this industry, founded mainly on fraud and poison.” The author investigates the ineffective treatments and drugs which were sold on a large scale in his time and uncovers the influences pharma companies had on the press, some of the medical personnel, and the patients to make them sell and buy the advertised medicines. Among other stuff, Hopkins criticized the use of cocaine, morphine, and chloroform. Thanks to the series of whistleblower articles and a titanic work of truthful doctors and journalists, the government was forced to pass the Pure Food and Drug Act which required clear labeling and no “secret formulas” on food and drug labeling. This practice is now applied all over the world.
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