Sarah Pinsker

Sooner or Later Everything Falls Into the Sea

    Caleb Gonzálezhas quotedlast year
    There were worse lives to live, back then. This seemed like the best choice for our family. No more running away; running toward something wonderful.
    uhhfrieshas quoted2 years ago
    You know what happened. There is no you anymore. No reality television, no celebrity gossip, no music industry. Only an echo playing itself out on the ships and in the heads of those of us who can’t quite let it go.
    uhhfrieshas quoted2 years ago
    was up to him to remember. Somewhere, in some medical waste bin back in Saskatoon, there was a computer chip that knew it was a road. A chip that was an arm that was Andy who was a stretch of asphalt two lanes wide, ninety-seven kilometers long, in eastern Colorado. A stretch that could see all the way to the mountains, but was content not to reach them. Forever and ever.
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