Luke Short

Paper Sheriff

From a winner of the Western Heritage Trustees Award: The thrilling story of a sheriff caught between his outlaw in-laws and the woman he loves.
Being the sheriff of Sutton County is no easy job, but Reese Branham keeps the peace—even though his own wife comes from the dreaded Hoad clan. The Hoads have always been troublemakers. And when one of them murders a man in cold blood, Branham does his duty, only to watch in dismay as the jury lets the killer go free.
Being a woman on the harsh frontier is bad enough. But Jen Truro is also the local prosecutor, and when a killer walks free because the jury doesn’t trust her, it’s a hard pill to swallow. Complicating the situation is her past with Branham, whom she spurned one too many times, driving him to marry a woman he doesn’t love.
The Hoad clan is not a forgiving family, and when they plan a massive cattle heist, they have to know Branham won’t get in the way. If his wife can’t convince the lawman to mind his own business, the Hoads will be damned if they let him—or his old flame—stop them.
A legend of western fiction, Luke Short broke the trail for writers such as Louis L’Amour and Elmore Leonard. Paper Sheriff is an unforgettable tale of the men and women brave enough to tame the Old West.
234 printed pages
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