Caitlin Crews

The Bride's Baby Of Shame

From the USA Today–bestselling author, one night leads to shocking consequences in this thrillingly intense second romance in the Stolen Brides series.
Dutiful heiress Sophie has never challenged her gilded existence, even agreeing to a loveless arranged marriage at her father’s command. Until she meets ruthless, gorgeous, Sicilian billionaire Renzo. Their one passionate night awakens unimaginable desires in Sophie, but also leaves her pregnant and trapped in an engagement to the wrong man . . .
When Renzo uncovers her scandalous secret, he’ll stop at nothing to legitimize his child—including storming Sophie’s wedding and stealing her away to his castle in Sicily as his own bride. She may be exchanging one marriage of convenience for another, but could Renzo be the one who will finally set her free?
“Passionate, sexy, sometimes over the top—classic Harlequin Presents drama unfolds here . . . an enjoyable and entertaining romance.” —Harlequin Junkie
Don’t miss the first Stolen Brides book, Kidnapped for His Royal Duty, by New York Times–bestselling author Jane Porter.
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