John Cummings

Game Theory


Although game theory as a salient concept is relatively young, the principles behind game theory have for millennia allowed humans to anticipate the behavior of their fellows and work out compelling exchanges that suit everyone's self-interest, allowing people to benefit both individually and collectively.

This book serves as a complete guide to game theory, and will explain the principles of game theory, while also providing practical examples such as the Prisoner's Dilemma, and the role that game theory played during the Cold War.

Game theory principles are used to inform strategists, entrepreneurs, politicians, analysts, and philosophers, and help them make strong decisions in military, commercial, social, and moral areas. In all things, game theory principles can be used to logically minimize risk, reduce the chances of calamity, and gain an understanding of rational human behavior.
Whether you're trying to help your team cooperate or you're ambitiously trying to figure out your next campaign strategy, game theory can be a useful tool for you in all arenas of the modern world!
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