Paul Alexander

Strike The Right Chord

Many guidebooks show you how to distribute your music online, but nothing will happen if it just sits in cyberspace without an effective promotional strategy.

Strike the Right Chord is different than other guides: it enables you to achieve global success from your home computer. It allows you to take a do-it-yourself approach to establish yourself in the music world and get you started on the right path to reach your goals.

Learn how to copyright, upload, and distribute your music online — and how to sell it. Included are tips on how to automate the promotion of your music, how to name your songs in a way that accesses music fans who might not normally listen to certain musical styles, and gain them as fans anyway.

In the global music industry, the ability to connect with music fans and companies worldwide from a home computer-and knowing where to go online-is what it truly means to Strike The Right Chord.

Those who are brand-new to the industry will find everything here to get started. Already established and looking to do more? This book gives you all the information and resources needed to take everything to the next level. You can jump in anywhere you'd like — Strike The Right Chord will have you covered.
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