Melvin C. Johnson

The McKinnens

In this intense family tragedy set in an alternative history, the McKinnen family live in a United States where the Jim Crow laws are actual laws and each race is strictly segregated into different colonies. The McKinnens have been treated horribly for decades. Molly McKinnen the only daughter, has had enough, and she decides to get to the bot-tom of why they are treated with such indignity and cruelty. The more she uncovers about the unfair laws, the more oppressive things get for her and the family…and the braver she becomes. As Kevin Crow puts more and more pressure on her to accept the status quo, unexpected tragedies befall her family in a roller coaster of surprise and emotions. This dystopianalternative history of shocking secrets revealed and family-mysteries uncovered has a cliffhanger ending that will leave readers breathless.
161 printed pages
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