Wilbur Smith


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  • Сергей Гаврикhas quoted12 years ago
    Well, at least I’m still drinking his whisky, Leon thought grimly. Those words had been Percy’s summation of a safari that had gone horribly wrong.
  • Сергей Гаврикhas quoted12 years ago
    ‘He said that even the bravest man is twice frightened by a lion. The first time when he hears his roar, the second and last time when he meets the beast face to face.’
    ‘He’s right about the first time,’ Kermit admitted. ‘It’s an incredible sound. But how do you know it’s a big male and not a lioness?’
    ‘How would I know the voice of Enrico Caruso from Dame Nellie Melba’s?’
    ‘Let’s go shoot him.’
    ‘Good plan, chum. I’ll hold the candle and you fire. It should be easy.’
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