The Dangerous Lord, Sabrina Jeffries
Sabrina Jeffries

The Dangerous Lord

401 printed pages
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He was a dangerous man to love—and the last man she thought she'd marry.
He was a dangerous man to love—and the last man she thought she'd marry.
To prevent a dear friend from wedding the notorious Ian Lennard, Viscount St. Clair, Felicity Taylor set out to expose him for the scoundrel he is—never anticipating the consequences. Because now the dashing, dangerous lord is short a bride, in desperate need of an heir . . . and has set his sights on Felicity!
Ian is indeed looking for a wife to secure his fortune, but this saucy, stubborn beauty might be more than he can handle. Never one to shy from a challenge—and enchanted by a face and form that could bring the most indifferent husband to his knees—suddenly Ian is about to discover the one thing more perilous than wedding vows: actually falling in love with his bride!
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December 1820 London, England

LIBERTY OF THE PRESS is the Englishman’s second most important privilege and should be preserved even when the results alarm us, for alarm induces reform, and the ability to reform society is the Englishman’s first most important privilege.

DECEMBER 5, 1820

Декември 1820, Лондон, Англия

Свободата на печата е втората по важност привилегия на англичани и трябва да бъде запазена, дори когато резултатите ни алармира, защото алармата предизвиква реформи, а способността за реформиране на обществото е първата по важност привилегия на англичани.

Лорд Х, Вел Газет, 5 декември 1820 г.

greatcoat and beaver hat Ian had donned to make himself look less like a viscount and more like a workingman. “All right then. Just kno
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