Quotes from “A Brief History of Seven Killings” by Marlon James

Tinahas quotedlast year
And I see the zinc on the roof rust itself brown, and then the rain batter hole into it like foreign cheese, and I see seven people in one room and one pregnant and people fucking anyway because people so poor that they can’t even afford shame and I wait.
Tinahas quotedlast year
Dead people never stop talking. Maybe because death is not death at all, just a detention after school
Is that them call fatalism? I don’t know, brethren, that word seem more connected to fatal than it connected to fate
Some people just fated to fuck up even when them smart enough to know better.
prison is just like boot camp. Boring more than anything else
pitiful fool get mug with two bitch-slaps, the tax for being a sucker.
Don’t lie with man as with woman, sure I can run with that reasoning. But don’t eat crab?
Bad times is good times for somebody
nobody gets old in the ghetto
you pass the first house, no, not a house, somebody’s home maybe, but definitely not a house
Making things right is hard work. Harder than crime
Jail is the ghetto man university.
Little things can fill up a long hour
another white man who has the presumption to think he can school black people on their roots.
Your problem is that you believe the bullshit from your own government
Some tool make for repeated use. And some tool, you use once then destroy.
I’m sick and tired of explaining it to her like I’m on some fucking TV show that has to bring the audience up to speed every week
you grow to like the few things that never change
Jamaican police tend to use their siren all the time, just to get people to clear the street so they can reach Kentucky Fried Chicken quicker
I really need to get better at this sarcasm business.
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