Quotes from “A Brief History of Seven Killings” by Marlon James

Nobody who kill a police going to hell but is something else to kill the Singer.
f it no go so, it go near so.
— Jamaican proverb
— I might know something you don’t, Kim.
— No, you might have heard some things I haven’t heard. Not the same thing
night is no friend of us
God puts earth far away from heaven because even he can’t stand the smell of dead flesh
Every single thing this guy does just screams little penis.
now there’s a comedy sketch waiting to happen.
He thinks he’s a revolutionary, but he’s really just an opportunist.
Upper-middle-class women here love to feel they can cause drama, but they’re just looking for shit to do
I wondered if everybody has that person that haunts them, the one that got away.
Jamaica is not going communist. It is merely going bananas
All ism’s lead to communism.
I have a theory that while a man might not always get the wife he wants or needs, he always gets the wife he deserves
a church pastor say to me one time that man might not know man, but spirit know spirit. He was using it to explain how faggot find each other
Some men can’t handle knowing what they are capable of.
She only needs a witness, not an audience.
every man who fight monster become a monster too
Some man never get the woman who cure them from looking for other woman.
You can’t control man
you can never trust a man who look at everybody as replaceable
Drag & drop your files (not more than 5 at once)