The “People Power” Health Superbook: Book 14. Pain Control Guide, Tony Kelbrat
Tony Kelbrat

The “People Power” Health Superbook: Book 14. Pain Control Guide

53 printed pages
Pain is the body screaming to the mind saying “Danger, Danger” warning you to either sit still to avoid further injury or to do something about it. The span ranges from localized acute pain for injuries to long-term chronic pain.

Pain exists in a relationship between the brain and the body within a complex network of nerves (neurons), hormones and psychological factors.

Pain ranges the spectrum from irritating to agonizing. There are some medications and therapies around to help reduce pain sensations.

Many people who use pain medication then get hooked on it and have a hard time breaking away, if ever. In extreme cases, the doctors will cut the nerves leading to the CNS in order to stop the pain signals from reaching the brain.

There is fast, intense pain and a slow, low level, dull pain. Nobody really knows exactly where pain begins or where it ends but a salient factor is that the mind has a lot to do with its intensity and management.
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