Elanie Kruger,Jaco Hough-Coetzee

From Playground to Prostitute

After a desperate and impoverished childhood Engela, as a rebellious teenager, becomes mixed up with Satanism, alcohol and drugs. She eventually flees to Bloemfontein because the leader of the Satanic Group 13 wants to kill her. Her path crosses with Pieter, a friend of her brother’s, who turns her over to the owner of a brothel to clear his debt. There she is kept as a sex slave.
Her only wish is to escape, but how? Every night the club’s doors are shuttered. Her final shot at freedom is the young student Jacques who works in the club’s reception area. But then he disappears from the scene following a mysterious accident in the Drakensberg . .. In the second part of the book Elanie shares her experiences from a Christian perspective – her life as a sex slave, how she learned to cope with despair, loneliness, pain and humiliation. She reaches out to victims of sex trafficking, exploring the power of forgiveness and acceptance, and also offers essential practical advice for parents and children.
From Playground to Prostitute is a gripping thriller based on Elanie Kruger’s life story. ‘Unfortunately many teenagers these days find themselves in the same circumstances I was trapped in. Parents exist in a cocoon of denial as far as the reality is concerned and think these things always happen elsewhere. When a child disappears they always say to me: “If only I knew.” Do YOU know enough to keep your child out of the clutches of human trafficking?’
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Jonathan Ball
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