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Scarlet Voyage Young Adult Fiction Sampler, Volume 1

This sampler contains excerpts of six stand-alone novels from Enslow’s newest imprint, Scarlet Voyage. These novels encompass many genres, from literary fiction, to contemporary romance to crime thrillers.
In CODE NAME KOMIKO, sixteen-year-old Lian is a serious student and dutiful daughter, destined for a fine career as a concert violinist, but her secret identity as a cyber-investigator brings danger into her future. This novel is written by Naomi Paul.
Author Natasha Farrant takes the reader on a journey through the small village of Samaroux, France, where everyone knows each other, during World War II, in WHAT WE DID FOR LOVE.
Author Kathrin Schrocke tells the story of two teens and their tender, quirky, and extraordinary love in FREAK CITY.
Written by Janie Baskin, Rinnie tells her story—a search for identity, love, and healing in PAINT ME A MONSTER.
Author Rosanne Hawke delivers a heart-wrenching story about friendship and sacrifice and the power of the human spirit, a mountain wolf’s spirit, to overcome sexual exploitation, the most harrowing of circumstances in SPIRIT OF A MOUNTAIN WOLF.
Written by Marlene Röder, IN THE RIVER DARKNESS, explores a web of secrets and eerie events from the alternating perspectives of Mia, Alex, and Jay.
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