Samantha the Sleuth and Zack's Hard Lesson, David Rosen
David Rosen

Samantha the Sleuth and Zack's Hard Lesson

There are mysteries to solve when adults think a child is creating a problem, but the child isn't quite so sure. Enjoy two intriguing stories by David H. Rosen:

Samantha the Sleuth: The Case of the Missing Socks

Once again, Samantha's sock drawer contains nothing but odd socks, all different lengths, different shapes, different colors. Samantha's mother insists that Samantha must be losing them under her bed or at basketball practice. Samantha isn't so sure, so she studies up on how to act like a real sleuth. Whatever it takes, Samantha aims to find out the truth!

Zack's Hard Lesson

Zachary Nathan Bromberg is learning to like his new home with the help of his supportive parents. In kind Mrs. Henderson's second grade class Zack meets Chris Johnson. Chris and Zack bond immediately. They can't believe how alike they are  -—  it's like they are identical twins! But Chris's parents aren't so sure about the friendship. What has upset Mr. and Mrs. Johnson is a real mystery to Zack and Chris!
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