Let Food Be Your Medicine, Bishop Juliette Fagan
Bishop Juliette Fagan

Let Food Be Your Medicine

You will learn how you can eat your way back to optimum health with the right foods and natural remedies.

If the body is overloaded with morbid matter, as in acute disease, a complete fast for a few days may be necessary for the elimination of toxins.
FREE RECIPES GIVE AWAY: CayJam Juice Medley recipes for several common ailments.
Understand more about alkaline foods, acidosis, obesity, fatigue, natural cures and more.

Natural health cures is a constructive method of treatment which aims at removing the basic cause of disease through the rational use of the elements freely available in nature itself. With all of the pollution in the environment none of us can escape the attacks.

I will do my endeavor best to share some of the things I have studied and learnt over the years as it pertains to allopathic or conventional medicine and naturopathic or alternative medicine.
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