The Funeral Home, Joyce Freese
Joyce Freese

The Funeral Home

“The Beginning of the nightmare. I noticed a mirror on the wall. A black drape covered it. Strange. I was tempted to remove it, but that voice inside my head told me to hold back. But I was curious . . “

Dark forces lure Victoria, an ordinary woman, back in time where she assumes the identity of Mistress Dorian who is bored and restless with rigid aristocratic life as the token perfect wife of a well-known doctor.

“Feeling like I was losing my mind, I touched my face, and from what I remembered, it was quite the opposite of the one staring back at me in the mirror. All that I heard and screamed repeatedly in my head were the words, “My wife, Dorian”. How could I be someone’s wife when last I remembered, I was single? This would be interesting.”

Dorian rebels. What she doesn’t count on is betrayal or the deadly ravages of the smallpox epidemic. As Death arrives, Dorian must discover her true strengths to save herself and everyone she loves. If not, Death will win, and Victoria will never go home.
245 printed pages
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