Barbara Cartland

Money or Love

    fatimahj07has quoted3 years ago
    “Of course it did, Alena, but sadly the British at the moment are not particularly famous for their wealth, while American riches are increasing year by year.”

    He made a gesture with his hands.

    “It was only just a few days ago that yet more oil wells were found in Dallas and the Yanks are indeed miles ahead of us British in their invention of new machinery, mechanical instruments and photography.”

    “I suppose you are right, Robin, but that does not make their people more attractive.”

    “Give them a chance. They are a young nation and that is why they have been clever enough to learn from us. Sooner or later they will not only produce what we need, but they will become more civilised in our eyes.”

    It was quite a speech and Alena clapped her hands.

    “Then three cheers for the USA!” she cried, “but you must forgive me if I prefer England and the English gentleman.”
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