CJ Edwards

MILF Erotica

MILFS – moms I’d like to, well you know!!  Another red hot erotica collection of 8 Milf shorts by Charlotte J Edwards: horny women who follow their desires down daring new avenues.

TRAINING MY WIFE – When Damion announces he is leaving her for his mistress, Suzi begs to be given another chance and finds herself being trained to be the submissive wife he has always wanted.

THE STUDENT’S MOTHER – Jeremy is about to take his relationship with his student 'kept woman' Michelle to a new level. Her divorced mother is visiting and she is hot! Leveraging his influence over the daughter, he quickly coerces the yummy mummy into the sack.

MILKING THE MILFS – Diane's surrogate support group were at the lab, at least six of them were anyway and Professor Ed Dorking couldn't wait to get them initiated. A quick dose of his special lactation accelerator was enough to keep them compliant and they were quickly eating out of his hand. One by one, the women were interviewed, milked and enjoyed.

PIMPING THE NEIGHBOUR’S WIFE – Penny, their delicious MILF neighbour was exactly where Scott and Jane wanted her.  But Jane wanted more. She got off on the power she felt in controlling the other woman sexually and decided to step things up a bit. She was going to put her on the game.

DOGGING THE EX-WIFE – Imagine Tom's surprise when his ex-wife turns up on his doorstep with a suitcase. Her attempt to seduce her ex-husband's new wife is turned on its head when Hailey introduces her to the dogging field. Suddenly all bets are off and the bossy older woman experiences sex as a bottom.

BANGED BY THE BIKERS  – Poppy's boyfriend was frankly loaded but money wasn't everything; he was pretty useless in bed. When Lawrence surprises her with a Harley trip along Route 66, she was soon to meet her fantasy man; and be taken by him.

BREAKFAST WITH STEPMOM- Chloe was typical of my dad's many girlfriends. She was young, gorgeous and submissive. The only difference is, for some reason he married this one! Surely he wouldn't mind if I had her?

THE SEDUCTION OF IMOGEN-LOUISE – I had lusted after my wife’s posh totty friend for years. Tracey and I were shameless swingers but Imogen-Louise was strictly off limits. Then her husband left her and she got a little lonely! Or at least, she had an itch that needed scratching and Tracey and I knew just how to scratch it.

All titles available individually or within other collections, so please confirm before purchase. Contains explicit scenes.
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Erotic Dreams
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