Sam W. Anderson

The Sentimental Assassin

Jo Martindale is a human weapon — a high-ranking martial artist, a state-champion wrestler, and a weapons expert. She's angry enough at life that killing a few sleezy criminals doesn't much bother her. In fact, she's grown to enjoy it. Except this time. This target isn't just another shady character she's never heard of only met in passing. This time, it's a former lover that first lured her to The Money Run and put her life on a detour from which she'd never recover. In a remote shack on the Dakota plains, Jo must confront her assignment, her past and lost opportunities. And for once, she's not sure she can finish the job. Polly Amorous selected her name as an inside joke when she joined PAGANS, not understanding how apt it'd become. With the revolutionary group now flailing, it's up to her to reinvigorate the movement. She uses mind, body and soul to keep the embers burning, but the government, Corporate America and the goddamned Money Run have left her with few options and less hope. Until she stumbles upon a small-town wrestling champion with impressive potential and a bad attitude. Polly will lie, seduce and betray any principles she has left to land this new recruit and keep her movement alive. Because if she doesn't, The Money Run will damn sure see her dead.

This pair tangos across America's underbelly. Both believe they're a half-step ahead of the other, but in the end, The Money Run has its own plans for them each of them.
94 printed pages
Original publication



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