Juliana Baldec

28 Yoga Fitness Hacks: Fast Track Strength Training

This compilation pack reveals the latest insights & truths into the mind-body consciousness of Yoga and answers the most critical & burning questions a Yoga beginner is asking before getting started with Yoga. Book 1 & 2: This Yoga beginners guide compilation includes 39 short & snappy lessons that Yoga beginners want to know. It starts with “The Origins and the Universal Appeal Of Yoga” & talks about many fascinating aspects of Yoga that a Yoga beginner should absolutely know about. It also gives some realistic answers to busy Yoga beginners who are looking for a real Yoga diet solutions that does not take too much of their time & shows them how to effortlessly integrate Yoga into their busy schedule. It also gives sufferers of health problems some real answers that relate to the topic of Cure Through Yoga. Juliana herself has suffered many years with the health problem of Asthma & she shows inside the book how she found a real cure for her breathing and Asthma problems via Yoga. This is good news for everyone who suffers from health issues like Asthma, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes or any other health related problem. Juliana is a busy woman herself and knows why most of the Yoga beginners who would like to integrate Yoga into their daily busy lifestyle are not able to do so or are not able to stick to their Yoga routine because of these time problems. These busy Yoga beginners will love the solution that she found for their problem. She gives some very usable tips and ideas that are great for these busy Yoga beginners because applying this “5 Minute Yoga Ritual” will enable a busy Yoga beginner to take advantage of the wonderful world of Yoga, too! To make the reading process insightful & inspirational, she has added some fascinating facts and stories about her own Yoga Diet. If you are suffering from any health problem looking into Volume 3 chapter 14 is going to answer many questions for you. Book 3: “Zen Is Like You”
219 printed pages
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