Instant Public Speaking

How to Prepare and Deliver a Speech in 24 Hours or Less Instantly!

So you have to prepare for a speech, huh? Even worse…you have to do it by tomorrow, and you haven't even started?

Ah the humanity! You have to choose your speech topic, come up with your presentation ideas, then write your speech and rehearse your performance to make absolutely sure it's impeccable in front of all those people who will be looking and judging you — and you have to do all of these by the next day.

Can you just feel the panic yet? Yikes! Fear not; not all hope is lost. You CAN create and deliver a memorable convincing speech all within «24 hours or less» (even overnight when your fatigue body wants to throw in the towel and your dreary eyes want to take you to dreamland).

“Impossible! You say?” Not necessary. What is speaking? It's nothing more than simply talking, and you have been doing that all your life; however, add the word “public” to it — and it is YOU who becomes your own worst enemy when it comes to the art of public speaking.

Hence, the situation and setting may have changed when you're up there at the podium to a large group of audience, but it shouldn't be any different than talking to a few people in front of you.

The point is…you have an upcoming speech to make but haven't started on it — so that's where «Instant Public Speaking» comes in!

Within “Instant Public Speaking”:

* How to use the “instant idea chain” as an effective brainstorming method to come up with ideas at the speed of bullets.

* How to tackle your speech with the “different formats” to opt for and when you should use each one that will save you time, energy, and frustration.

* How to craft the perfect speech fast with all the necessary components you'll be needing to address for the desired outcome you want.

* How to practice and do the all-important speech rehearsal to ensure very little room for errors during the moment of the actual speech.

* How to deliver your speech on the BIG DAY when you're up there live and what you should be doing from beginning to end.

* Plus, custom practical “how-to” strategies, techniques, applications and exercises on how to write and make a speech.

…and much more.

Think of it like having your very own invisible “public speaking coach” hanging around your shoulder as you only have 24 hours to get started working on your speech until the final delivery moment of glory with standing ovation and thunderous applause.

Now go knock their socks off with “Instant Public Speaking”!
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