Mike Bechtle

You Can't Text a Tough Conversation

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As our use of technology has increased, our communication skills have decreased. We text when we should talk. We tweet firings and breakups. Technology creates the illusion of being in touch, but we lose the deeper meaning conveyed by body language, facial expression, and tone of voice. What we need are real, face-to-face conversations. Have we lost that art?Whether it's with a spouse, a friend, a boss, a co-worker, or children, tough conversations can create high anxiety. Communication expert Mike Bechtle offers practical help. He shows readers how to build strong relationships and teaches tried-and-true methods to navigate the muddy waters of tough conversations. Readers learn to be better listeners, give and receive genuine feedback, saturate their relationships with kindness, and much more. With the right skills and tools, anyone can feel more confident handling a tough conversation.
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    Артем Малахивскийhas quoted2 years ago
    When you see something that you think another person would find exciting or valuable, take a picture of it and text it to them. It’s a quick way to let them know you were thinking about them and care about what matters to them
    Артем Малахивскийhas quoted2 years ago
    Use social media to stay in touch with family and friends and to share photos of important events. If we’re not tech savvy, it’s worth the investment of time to figure this one out. Our kids can teach us. This is also a way of respecting them by participating in their world.
    Артем Малахивскийhas quoted2 years ago
    Develop a culture of playing board games as a family. Make sure the games are age appropriate and fun and invite their friends to be part of the festivities. Board games won’t replace their tech games, but they will provide a chance for nonelectronic entertainment that includes personal interaction.

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