Richard Maun

Leave the Bastards Behind

Have you ever thought of working for yourself? Maybe its something you’ve been dreaming about for years. Is so, Leave the Bastards Behind is for you. For too long, you’ve worked for other people’s companies and been bossed around by terrible bosses. Now is the time to work for the best boss you could have — yourself! Whatever your dream profession, this is a book to help you make the transition from fed-up wage slave to enthusiastic self-employed free-man or free-woman. Written in a breezy, pithy, informative and useful style, the book is an insider’s guide to the realities of setting up your own business and working for yourself. The author, Richard Maun writes candidly about his own real-life experience, including his thoughts, his successes and his failures. Maun reveals the secrets of developing a client base and the skills that will help you through the door to self-employment. This book also contains a useful personal planning kit, designed to help you answer some of those thorny questions that will have to be addressed if you are to be a successful selfer. Working for yourself is one of the richest experiences in life. This practical and inspirational book will put you on the road to success and help you achieve your dream
204 printed pages


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