B. Love

So Deep In Love

Isaiah “Black” and Zachariah “Ghost” Anderson are brothers and complete opposites. The only thing these brothers have in common is their love for each other, loyalty for the streets, and the fact that they tolerate disrespect from no one. With different yet equally absent fathers, Black and Ghost have polar opposite views on life, fatherhood, and love.

Black, already a father of two, wants to settle down. With baby mama drama coming from two women, he’s hoping when he meets Chloe Fisher that the third time will be the charm. When Chloe first meets Black, he’s looking for a caregiver for his grandmother, and Chloe is admittedly smitten by him — but that changes when he breaks four of her five rules on their first date. One night of lust, that’s what they both agreed to, but will it be that easy to pull away?

Ghost has no desire for marriage, love, or children. After he’s cheated on by the only woman he allowed himself to trust, Ghost promises to get even. Unfortunately, Carli Fisher gets caught up in his scheme of revenge. And even more unfortunately, Carli turns out to be the woman Ghost never knew he needed. Will he be able to secure and enjoy love for the first time in his life, or will Carli be yet another woman that causes him pain?
143 printed pages
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