Praveen Kumar,Prashant Kumar

How to Grow Rich with The Power of Compounding

You can become a millionaire or even a billionaire by simply understanding and applying the ‘The Power of Compounding’ principle. It requires no special skill. Virtually anyone can do it. No wonder Einstein called it the ‘Eighth Wonder’. 
In this book bestselling authors Praveen & Prashant Kumar explain the true power behind compounding which most people fail to understand and become rich.
If it is so simple then why are there so few millionaires in this world? This is because most of us learnt about compound interest at school. We also did a few sums but no one ever explained to us either its power or application. Our teachers and parents would be millionaires if they understood or had any comprehension of its awesome power.
This book will answer the following vital aspects of compounding that no one explained to you:
•What is tunnelling effect?
•What is critical mass in compounding?
•How a dollar a day can turn you into a millionaire?
•How you can go broke with reverse power of compounding?
•How to find dollars to invest?
•How to leverage for higher returns?
•How inflation effects compounding?
•How to harness the power of compounding?
This book will teach and empower you to use ‘The Power of Compounding’ and grow exceedingly rich within your lifetime. 
Once you read this book being a millionaire will not be just a dream but a reality. 

38 printed pages
Original publication
Praveen Kumar



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