Zoey Taylor

Beach Body Makeover: A Complete Guide to a Sexier You

Zoey Taylor understands what it's like to struggle to lose weight and maintain it, and she all about losing it in the healthiest way possible. Years of experience as a health and fitness expert have taught her that extreme diets and exercise regimes simply don't work for the long term. Taylor understands that the average woman can't afford a personal trainer or expensive supplements. She knows that most women juggle a busy schedule and possess limited time to exercise or plan a low-calorie diet menu. Taylor steers clear of recommending exotic “miracle” supplements or exercise plans requiring expensive exercise equipment. Taylor gets your body swimsuit ready by revealing: o specific negative calorie foods that will fill you up and expedite weight loss o fat-flushing secrets that will help you melt away stubborn fat o the secret to enviable 6 pack abs What are you waiting for? Get motivated, get ripped, and slip into the snuggest swimsuit you've ever worn.
44 printed pages
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