Ida M.Tarbell

The Business of Being a Woman



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    Sara Hajizadehas quoted3 years ago
    For the normal woman the fulfillment of life is the making of the thing we best describe as a home—which means a mate, children, friends, with all the radiating obligations, joys, burdens, these relations imply.
    This is nature's plan for her; but the home has got to be founded inside the imperfect thing we call society.
    Sara Orozcohas quotedlast year
    Woman, by virtue of the business nature assigns her, has always been theoretically the maker and keeper of this necessary place of peace.
    Sanjay Bajajhas quoted4 years ago
    It is a disquieting phenomenon. Chronic self-discussion argues chronic ferment of mind, and ferment of mind is a serious handicap to both happiness and efficiency

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