Lance Edwards

Torn Between Twins

New from Best-selling author Femdom Author Lance Edwards. Josh has a problem — more than one. His arranged marriage to Julia looms. A frigid tyrant who despises him, she's sworn to make his life a nightmare. Worse, he's in love with her enemy twin Jennifer, an inveterate renegade as obsessed by jealousy as her lust for adventure. Too feckless to escape his marital fate, Josh makes the mistake of begging deadly Jen to save their relationship. Deprivation and domination will doubtless rule any union with Julia. So Jen determines to turn such burdens to virtues. Maneuvering the newlyweds into a wife-led relationship is key to her lethal scheme for ending the tormenting of her repressed identical. A party to sororicide or not, more than just Josh's autonomy is lost in the process. Through struggles moral to mortal, his jaded-playboy identity, even his very masculinity may be sacrificed as collateral damage.
360 printed pages
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