S.S.,Sreekanth T.E.,Unus

While the Code Compiles

The IT industry, to the outside world, looks to be the epitome of all good things in life. That is the place where the super intelligent youth of India go to work.A techie's life is the most ideal life—fat paychecks, beautiful campuses to work within and more beautiful colleagues to roam around with!That is the general perception!Well, there are exceptions!This is the story of such an 'exceptional' software firm—the Infopro Limited. None of the keywords from the above paragraph— 'fat paycheck', 'beautiful campuses', 'beautiful colleagues', 'super intelligent folks' —apply to Infopro. In fact, the Infopro employees who utter such nonsense words as these may even risk losing their jobs!Beware, apart from producing 'software programs', this 'software factory' produces intense laughing gas too as a by-product! If you are allergic to 'laughing gas', please stay away from this book!And, if you are from the IT industry, pick 2 copies and gift one to that never-smiling, arrogant boss of yours and see the instant, positive change in him and, more importantly, be assured of a better appraisal next time round!
201 printed pages


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