Lorne S Driscoll

I Am Closing That Door: This is a story of trauma and beyond

There is a saying out there that says, there is always three sides to the story. Those three sides are my truth, your truth and the truth. This book is my side of the story, the truth of what I experienced, when growing up as a child. This truth is written from my personal perspective, as seen through my eyes, so therefore; in many places within the book, I say my truth, as it is my own truth and my own feelings. Everything I say within this book is the truth.

This is a story of trauma and beyond….

I have since gained that knowledge that, deep inside of me was an abused, hurt and frightened child that needed to be recognized and she needed to be heard. Now I am acknowledging my abused, scared and frightened child and consequently…

The author has uniquely written this story from her counselling notes. The journey of writing the book was both a healing experience as well as an opportunity to help her own children and grandchildren with the ripple effect of sexual abuse. This book has already touched the hearts of others who have read it.

This is the story of one girl's journey through the darkness of abuse, into a world of realisation and hope. Giving her inner child a voice, the child never had. This is a story of taking back power. It makes one aware that what happens to us, can open doors. Lorne did open doors and chose to embrace that new opportunity and make it a positive. This book brings up the question, could we ourselves? Lorne shows us that even though it was a hard journey, it is possible, everyone can do it. — Anon

This is an intimate and personal story of a journey to freedom.
Lorne unassumingly, relates her transition from suppression to liberation by sharing the process, the work and the challenges, that liberation entails.
Her story is of a battle, that too many, fear to face.
Her story is of a faith and hope that, so many lose along the way.
Her story is an acceptance which only happens, when the hold of fear is truly released. — Djava
127 printed pages
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