Lesley Glaister

The Lesley Glaister Collection Volume Three

From “one of Britain’s finest novelists”: A tender and terrifying collection of novels about women on the brink of salvation and the edge of disaster (The Sunday Telegraph).
Three seductive tales of psychological suspense from a writer who “penetrates the deepest corners of the female psyche” (The Mail on Sunday).
The Private Parts of Women: Inis has run away from her husband and children—and the rest of her suburban life in London—and moved into a small flat in the inner city of Sheffield. Her neighbor is eighty-four-year-old Trixie Bell, a hymn-singing veteran of the Salvation Army. But beneath Trixie’s unassuming exterior lies a very different personality. Three very different personalities—one of which is homicidal.
“A gripping read . . . from one of Britain’s finest novelists.” —The Sunday Telegraph
Partial Eclipse: In solitary confinement, Jennifer knows she isn’t the first in her family to be convicted of a crime. Centuries earlier, the unmarried Peggy Maybee was arrested for trying to steal a peacock so she could give its beautiful feathers to her infant son, Samuel. As Jennifer and Peggy’s parallel lives unfold, long-held secrets are revealed, including the truth about the crime that ultimately landed Jennifer in prison.
“Brilliant . . . seductive and assured.” —The Sunday Times
Now You See Me:
Shortlisted for the Orange Prize for Fiction
With her parents dead, sixteen-year-old Lamb was alone in the world. Now she cleans houses and lives in an old widower’s cellar, balancing on her high wire of loneliness. If she doesn’t let anyone in, she can’t fall. Then Doggo shows up. A fugitive who committed a violent crime, he needs Lamb’s help to stay off the radar. He also needs her in other ways—even after he learns her terrible secret.
“A beautiful bombshell of a story . . . it will break your heart.” —The Independent
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