J.R.,Kevin O’Donnell


A rollicking, galaxy-spanning SF adventure series that will make your imagination spin!

McGill Feighan is a “flinger”—able to teleport himself or anything else as far away as he can imagine (as long as he’s been there before). He can travel across the universe in a flicker and a flash.

But that’s not all.

The Far Being, known as Retzglaran, has interfered with McGill from his birth, and is the source of his powers…and his persecution.

When McGill was only four days old, an interstellar crime syndicate known as The Organization put out a contract on his life.

What does the universe have against him? And can he learn to control his powers enough to survive the assortment of people who have taken far too much interest in his life…

As a young man, McGill sets off on an unguided quest for the Far Being, a journey that will take him to the most fantastic worlds, among the most incredible alien species. It might be a fun adventure…if the whole galaxy wasn’t out to kill him.
272 printed pages
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