Darren “Jaz " Vincent

Confessions of a Thug and a Gentleman

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This book is about the two completely different lives I lived, growing up in the hood and then my life after the hood, the thug and the gentleman. The hood was a dark place where drug addicts and drug dealers controlled the streets. Growing up in the hood as a kid was all about surviving. Many times I wondered where my next meal was going to come from. I began fighting at a young age, at least once a month. Candles and matches was a life line considering how often our lights went out. This was my life and I figured it would be my life to the end. This book is my journey thru the hood and my success outside of it. It’s how three books inspired me to leave the hood and change my life! For most of my life, I wouldn’t read a book from front to back. My friend begged me to read my first book at the age of 27 and at that point my life changed dramatically. At that time I realized that I had access to all the information I needed to become better in life. But although the hood is a dark place, it equipped me with a hustle and a desire to survive that’s unmatchable. The books inspired an educated gentleman, the hood breed an unstoppable thug, both together created a business man that came from nothing to building a million dollar company.
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