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Buzzing Communities

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Buzzing Communities cuts through the fluff to offer a clear process for creating thriving online communities.

This book combines a century of proven science, dozens of real-life examples, practical tips, and trusted community-building methods. This step-by-step guide includes a lifecycle for tracking your progress and a framework for managing your organization's community efforts.

This Book Will Help You to:

-Understand what the members of your community really want.

-Dramatically increase the number of newcomers that become regulars.

-Avoid the mistakes most organizations make when they try to build online communities.

-Develop a fantastic, user-friendly website for your members.

-Grow your online community to critical mass and beyond

-Keep members engaged and active in your community.

-Measure the community's return on investment and explain the benefits to your organization.
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    Svyatoslav Yushinhas quoted2 years ago
    You also want to collect anecdotal data on what types of contributions members who became regulars in the community made compared with those who left. What was the difference? Were there particular discussions that those who became regulars participated in at each phase compared with those who didn’t become members? Can you place these contributions into categories? For instance, “self-disclosure discussions,” “status-jockeying discussions,” and “conveying information discussions.”
    You can guide newcomers into participating in the types of discussions that are likely to keep them engaged in the community. In addition, was there anything else that regulars did which those that left didn’t? Did they complete their profile? Upload a picture of themselves? Submit a story? Have a discussion with a community manager?
    Svyatoslav Yushinhas quoted2 years ago
    You can see that the number of members that leave after three months is relatively low compared to the first three months. You might plan a series of activities to keep a newcomer engaged for the first three months.
    Let’s use another example. Imagine that you notice members are vanishing after the third week. You might plan a ritual or some sort of graduation for members every third week of the month. You might write a post that mentions members by name, has a few details about them, and gives them access to specific forums within the community platform.
    Svyatoslav Yushinhas quoted2 years ago
    Brett Taylor, founder of Friendfeed and former CTO of Facebook, noted that his data showed that if members befriended five individuals on the platform, they would likely become permanent members of the community. This is true of most online communities (five is not necessarily the number but a number exists for your community).

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