Debbie Ihler Rasmussen

Mystic Mansion

It has been nearly a year since the Allen Family moved from San Clemente, California to Sommerville, Tennessee; the discovery of remains of over two hundred boys has brought to light the crimes committed within the Allen-Dixon company over fifty years ago. The stories were only legends until now, but the truth has uncovered more than the murders; now with law enforcement involved, those who have continued the saga of the Allen-Dixon myths are slowly being brought to justice; as their accusers meet opposition from every direction.
But what of the house itself? Mystic Mansion now wages a full battle against teenagers Aspen Allen, her brother Noah and their friends Gavin and Kiryn. But why?
What is the mansion trying to protect? Why do the evil spirits want to keep the mansion as it is? Who, for the past fifty years,  has been trying to escape its boundaries? Why have they been unable to do so?
What lies ahead for Aspen and Gavin? Kiryn and Noah? Their parents and Drew and Dylan Dixon?
As Mystic Mansion unfolds, we find the teenagers fighting a battle not only of evil spirits from the past but current officials and criminals who have been trying to thwart their mission from the very beginning. The Mansion makes its one last-ditch effort to protect even more of its sordid past as more surprising facts reveal themselves, even further rocking the world of Jackson Allen and his family.
The supernatural world surrounding Mystic Mansion and the entire Mystic Lake community is about to be exploited in this unexpected conclusion to the Mystic Trilogy.

536 printed pages
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