Srinivas Mahankali,Amitendra Srivastava,Deepika M,Vijay Cuddapah

AI & ML – Powering the Agents of Automation: Demystifying, IOT, Robots, ChatBots, RPA, Drones & Autonomous Cars- The new workforce led Digital Reinvention facilitated by AI & ML and secured through Blockchain

We are faced with automatic machines and autonomous agents gradually replacing a lot of activities, hitherto have been carried out by humans. From airports to call centers, shop floors in the factory to accounting and finance departments in large businesses, we are finding increasing applications of AI & ML led automation.
Most of the time, the autonomous machines we interact with or work with, like the Robots, Drones and Self driving cars evoke awe, inspiration & perplexity at the same time. They seem to be the tools only used by the most technology empowered organizations and technology geeks.
The effort of this book is to go under the veil of all these automation agents, explain their benefits and expose the way they work by leveraging hardware and software powered by AI & ML as well. We expect the book to demystify these technologies to the learners in a reader friendly manner without using too much of jargon, egging them to take the next step to develop a passion to follow and leverage these trends for their productivity and enhance their quality of life.
270 printed pages
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BPB Publications
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