Cynthia Lyne

Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever wanted to make some extra cash on the side?  Or start a part time or have a full time online business from your home?

Then this classes for you.

Hi my name is Cynthia Lyne and I'm an artist and creative business coach. I just love working with creative people and sometimes they might be busy for one reason or another like maybe your stay at home mom or you have a full-time job but you still want to make some extra money on the side.

Well I've got an idea for you, affiliate marketing, right, I mean you did see the name of the class already but;


In this course, I'll introduce you to affiliate marketing: what it is, what it isn't, some of the rules you must follow when using affiliate links, and so much more. Then we'll cover how to promote your affiliate links in a variety of ways online, and I share 9 ideas that really equate to endless ideas when used creatively!

I even show you some real-life examples of other entrepreneurs who are using affiliate links in their businesses. In the end, I share the most important part about starting an affiliate marketing side hustle. You'll have to read  to find out what that is. ;)

Hope you get your copy!
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