Karen Ganger

The Gingerbread Jamboree

The Gingerbread Jamboree is the second book of the Welcome Home, Arkansas series. Returning to the small Ozark Mountains community after two years, we find Charley Simson still struggling with his recovery from a near-death experience. He determines that making bread could be the best therapy and opens Pandemonium.
To boost economy and tourism, the city council decides on a new community project, the Gingerbread Jamboree. Just as preparations begins, a turkey vulture arrives and perches on top of a blue cedar tree in the town square. Seen as a bad omen, havoc ensues. Strange occurrences without explanation happen plus Charley gets threatened, an illustrious judge survives a boat explosion, a stampede runs through town, and the entire community is up in arms.
Meet more of the local residents as Charley and his best friend, Lou, try to salvage the Gingerbread Jamboree from disaster. Only the appearance of a famous food personality can save the day, but does that buzzard leave town?
The Gingerbread Jamboree provides eighteen different recipes for gingerbread for you to bake and enjoy.
292 printed pages
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