Max Watson

Chains of Nurture

There's a thin line between devotion and obsession…
Tormented young Damian suffers at the hands of his sinister and abusive family. His saving grace comes in the sweet and innocent Rayna—the light in his dark world. Rayna fills an emptiness Damian never knew existed. Together, the children must commit the unthinkable to survive the evil that is meant to protect them.
But that was then…
This is now…
Damian and Rayna fight different demons as they attempt to forge a path of normalcy in adulthood. When Rayna shows up on Damian's doorstep bruised and seeking his protection, her vulnerable state has her unstable, acting out in ways he can't predict. Damian knows that pain is constant, and he'll do anything to ease any that Rayna endures. But when their pasts come back to destroy them and unearth secrets long kept hidden, Damian and Rayna must rely on their deep bond to survive. Can two shattered souls come together to finally break the chains that have bound them their entire lives?
Chains of Nurture explores how far one's love can push the boundaries of acceptance, and whether one's story is written from birth or rewritten by demons along the way.
404 printed pages
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