Rae A. Stonehouse

Blow Your Own Horn

There’s an old saying that goes “the squeaky wheel… gets the grease.”
The saying may have been true at one point in time but now…
The business world is a busy and crowded place. How can a business professional standout from the cacophony of others clambering for attention and recognition?
Some will tell you it is easy now-a-days to create an on-line reputation.
The author believes creating your on-line persona is important however, it is but one step at a self-promotional and marketing strategy.
Blow Your Own Horn! Personal Branding for Business Professionals delivers strategies to build your on-line presence and gain recognition in your community.
Your goal may be to raise your prominence at work to apply for a job you have been eying. Perhaps, your goal is to run for political office, but it seems no one knows who you are.
This book is for business professionals who want to raise their visibility in a crowded workplace or a personal interest venture.
Some will tell you blowing your own horn is bragging. The author argues against that belief. If we are to move forward and benefit from our accomplishments, we need to self-promote.
Blow Your Own Horn! Personal Branding for Business Professionals offers:
Strategies for personal branding and marketing.Self-promotion utilizing Linkedin as a tool.Effective networking techniques for self-promotion.Self-promotion strategies related to job searching.On-line reputation management and…Additional social media venues that could be helpful to you in developing your personal brand.Now is the time to let the world know what you have offer. It’s time to start blowing your own horn! This book shows you how.
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